Tim Cook

Tim Cook is CEO, President and co-founder of Uromedica. Tim received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health in the Department of Epidemiology in 1985 and then accepted a post-doctoral fellowship in the Division of Epidemiology at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. His medical device career began with American Medical Systems (AMS) a division of Pfizer, Inc. and served for 7 years as a Senior Research Scientist. In 1995, Tim left AMS and began serving as an independent consultant to the medical device industry. In November of 1997, Tim co-founded Uromedica with John Burton and together over the past 22 years they have developed ProACT™ and ACT® for treatment of patients suffering from SUI. Together, Tim and John Burton have continued to build Uromedica, Inc. Both the male and female devices received CE Mark in 2002 with Tim developing the international market.  ProACT, the male device, received FDA approval in 2015 and has been sold commercially in the US since late 2017 once CMS awarded reimbursements codes. 

Board Member

Douglas Glader

Mr. Glader has had a career in operations working his way up in leading edge computer and networking companies. Mr. Glader located in Silicon Valley when he returned from serving the Army in Vietnam. For 25 years he worked in increasing responsible leadership positions and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer where he directed a turnaround of a leading-edge networking company. In 2002 he founded Procera Networks with a small group of engineers and served as its CEO and Chairman until he retired in 2008. Procera was sold to a private equity group for $250M valuation. Mr. Glader has served on the boards of several emerging technology companies.

Board Member

David Booth

Mr. Booth is a former senior executive and director with Pfizer Inc. from which he retired in 1998 after 28 years. His most recent positions were as President and CEO of component companies of the Pfizer Medical Technology Group. Prior to joining the Medical Technology Division, he worked as Vice President Pharmaceuticals for Pfizer International and was a member of the Pfizer International Board. Since retiring from Pfizer, Mr. Booth has worked as a consultant in the healthcare arena and has served as a director for several public and privately held companies primarily in the health care field.

Uromedica Co-Founder, John Burton


John Burton

John Burton received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1973 where he had worked as a research assistant on medical devices in the field of urology.  Upon graduation he joined the start-up of American Medical Systems (AMS), later acquired by Pfizer Inc., to commercialize these devices as a Senior Investigator and Principal Scientist.  After leaving AMS John co-founded Uromedica with Tim Cook in 1997 where they developed the ProACT™ and ACT® devices offering post operatively adjustable treatment of male and female stress urinary incontinence.  In his career at AMS and Uromedica John has been named on 38 US patents.  John currently serves on Uromedica’s board of directors, as a technical advisor and as VP of R&D (emeritus).

Alex Gross Headshot.jpg

Board Member

Alex Gross

Alex Gross is a commercial real estate owner in the Washington, DC area since 2003 and more recently an invester in medical device companies focusing on the urology sector among other areas of the medical device investment universe.  Alex is actively looking for new investments in both sectors. 

Steven Clark

Board Member

Stephen Clark is a Senior Executive with extensive experience in Product Commercialization, Sales, Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Consumer Health Care and Payer and Government Health Policy.  Stephen is the US Commercial Leader for Healthy.io and has more than 30 years experience working with healthcare and technology companies.  He spent the previous 13 years as a senior management member at UnitedHealth Groups Optum Life Sciences Data and Analytics Division including as Growth Officer, Senior Vice President and Health of Product Strategy and Commercialization.   He has also been a member of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the National Coordinator’s Technology Evaluation Advisory Council where he advised on the development of Federal Health and private payer policies  to stimulate investment and adoption of innovation serving the patient and unmet consumer needs.


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